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8th Annual Ferret Show. Sunday 24 August 2003. Tomato Lake, Belmont

Tarvi & Tyson relaxing in their tent
Dr. David Neck judging the Glorious Coat competition
Dr. David Neck judging
Dr. David Necks and Manny discussing Bundy
Best Dressed Duo or Group
Best Dressed Jill
Best Dressed Hob
Best Dressed Hob
Best Dressed
Best Dressed
Best Dressed
Best Dressed - Red Riding Hood
Best Dressed Hob - worm in an apple
Best Dressed Jill - french maid
Best Dressed Jill
Polecat Hob - Prettiest Face
Masked Polecat - Prettiest Face
Handmade ferret biscuit
Shirley Hewett hard at work!
Main pavillion with all the prizes!
The prizes ceremony
Cathy surrounded by prizes
All worn out
Sydney dressed as an apple (from the Garden of Eden)
Queue for the weigh and measure competition