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For all Lost/Found Ferrets Please Call 1300 133 323

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Ferrets Available For Adoption

If you are looking to add a ferret to your family, we regularly have ferrets available for adoption.
Please Contact Ferret Rescue on 1300 133 323

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID19 Virus Pandemic all WAFFS events are cancelled until further notice.
Dr David Neck has confirmed that Ferrets can both catch and transmit the COVID 19 Virus.
Like humans, ferrets can be infectious up to 2 days prior to showing any symptoms and these may include: fevers, reduced activity, occasional cough.
You need to take the same precautions you are taking for yourself ie regular hand washing , sanitising before and after any handling. Reduce the number of people coming near, handling your ferrets and ensure anyone doing so takes the same precautions.
Do not have your ferrets out in public or bring other ferrets into your home and if you have no choice, ensure they are initially isolated for 14 days.
As a result WAFFS will not be doing any adoptions until further notice- we will continue to take rescues as necessary following these same guidelines.

Cold & Flu Season

Ferrets can't catch the common cold, but can catch the more serious "flu" (influenza), so if you are ill make sure to take precautions and limit your ferrets exposure to germs, and take them to the vet if needed.


Ferrets do not handle heat well at all and they must be kept cool at any cost during the heat of summer. Temperatures above 28degrees can be fatal.

Some examples of keeping ferrets cool are Techni Ice, frozen bottles of water for the ferret to lie against, draping shelters with wet towels or wet hessian bags and, of course, if at all possible bring them inside.

Keep ferrets in cool shaded areas and never leave your ferret in a closed car or a metal cage on a hot day.
A ferret suffering from heat stroke will become dehydrated and very lethargic, and will very quickly need the services of a veterinarian if it is to survive. As a ferret does not either sweat or pant it has no way of cooling itself down, therefore it is most important that you provide a cool living area for your pet.