Member Services : the library

WAFFS runs a library for members. To borrow any item, just attend a meeting, and select what you need!


A Practical Guide to Ferret Care by Deborah Jeans (1994 - 2 copies)

Ferrets for Dummies by Kim Schilling (2000 - 2 copies)

The Fairfax Ferret by Pamela Troutman Grant (1996)

Ferrets Dr Wendy Winsted (1989 - 2 copies one earlier edition)

Ferreting by Fred J Taylor (1988 - Revised and Enlarged Edition)

Ferret: A guide to a Happy Health Pet by Mary R Shefferman (1996 - 2 copies)

Alternative Pets: from Budgies And Yabbies to Rabbits & Rats by Robin Stewart (2002)

The Ferret Chronicles: Rescue Ferrets at Sea by Richard Bach (2002)

The Ferret Chronicles: Air Ferrets Aloft by Richard Bach (2002)

The Ferret Chronicles: Chasing the Muse by Richard Bach (2002)


Ferret Feature - 1999

Assorted media coverage featuring Ferrets

Newsletters / Brochures

Ferret around Brisbane tourism pamphlet - October 2003

Ferreting Around (WAFFS) Jan/Feb 1993 Jan/Feb 2000

WAFFS Newsletter April 1988 Nov/Dec 1992 (old format)

ANZ Rabbit Calicivirus Disease Program (leaflet) Oct 1995

Ferret Tails (Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Ferret Assn.) Sept/Oct 1991 Jul/Aug 1992

New South Wales Ferret Assn Inc. Sept 1993 Jan/Feb 2001

Ferret Business (Central Illinois Friends of Ferrets) Feb 1989 May/June 1992

National ferret Welfare Society (NFWA) Automn 1983 Feb 1991 (Incomplete)

The American Ferret Report (The American Ferret Assn Inc) Nov/Dec 1992 Mar/Apr 1994

The F.A.I.R. Report (assorted leaflets & flyers) 1994

South Australia Ferret News March 1997 May 2002 (not complete)

Guide to Keeping Ferrets (SAFA) Geoff Smith 1991

Lake Illawarra Ferret Association Feb 1994 May 1994

Victorian Ferret Society March 1998 Nov 1998

Ferrets about Town Aug 1994 1995 (incomplete)

The Business of Ferrets June 1993 June 1994

STAR Fetters Winter 1995 Winter 1996

Ferrets (copy of a book for those who wish to use their ferrets for hunting rabbits)

Stitchting De Fret (Foreign Language Poss German/Swiss)

Assorted Ferret Articles from local papers.

Top 10 List of Human Misconceptions about Ferrets

Animals: The International Wildlife Magazine May 1971