Member Services : the library

WAFFS runs a library for members. To borrow any item, just attend a meeting, and select what you need!


A Practical Guide to Ferret Care by Deborah Jeans (1994 - 2 copies)

Ferrets for Dummies by Kim Schilling (2000 - 2 copies)

The Fairfax Ferret by Pamela Troutman Grant (1996)

Ferrets Dr Wendy Winsted (1989 - 2 copies one earlier edition)

Ferreting by Fred J Taylor (1988 - Revised and Enlarged Edition)

Ferret: A guide to a Happy Health Pet by Mary R Shefferman (1996 - 2 copies)

Alternative Pets: from Budgies And Yabbies to Rabbits & Rats by Robin Stewart (2002)

The Ferret Chronicles: Rescue Ferrets at Sea by Richard Bach (2002)

The Ferret Chronicles: Air Ferrets Aloft by Richard Bach (2002)

The Ferret Chronicles: Chasing the Muse by Richard Bach (2002)


Ferret Feature - 1999

Assorted media coverage featuring Ferrets

Newsletters / Brochures

Ferret around Brisbane tourism pamphlet - October 2003

Ferreting Around (WAFFS) Jan/Feb 1993 – Jan/Feb 2000

WAFFS Newsletter April 1988 – Nov/Dec 1992 (old format)

ANZ Rabbit Calicivirus Disease Program (leaflet) Oct 1995

Ferret Tails (Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Ferret Assn.) Sept/Oct 1991 Jul/Aug 1992

New South Wales Ferret Assn Inc. Sept 1993 – Jan/Feb 2001

Ferret Business (Central Illinois Friends of Ferrets) Feb 1989 – May/June 1992

National ferret Welfare Society (NFWA) Automn 1983 – Feb 1991 (Incomplete)

The American Ferret Report (The American Ferret Assn Inc) Nov/Dec 1992 – Mar/Apr 1994

The F.A.I.R. Report (assorted leaflets & flyers) 1994

South Australia Ferret News March 1997 – May 2002 (not complete)

Guide to Keeping Ferrets (SAFA) Geoff Smith 1991

Lake Illawarra Ferret Association Feb 1994 – May 1994

Victorian Ferret Society March 1998 – Nov 1998

Ferrets about Town Aug 1994 – 1995 (incomplete)

The Business of Ferrets June 1993 – June 1994

STAR Fetters Winter 1995 – Winter 1996

Ferrets (copy of a book for those who wish to use their ferrets for hunting rabbits)

Stitchting De Fret (Foreign Language Poss German/Swiss)

Assorted Ferret Articles from local papers.

Top 10 List of Human Misconceptions about Ferrets

Animals: The International Wildlife Magazine May 1971