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My Mum often gets 'phone calls with questions for me for which there are no real answers, except for the one that Sir Edmund Hillary used when he was asked why he climbed Mount Everest. For example :

Q.   Why, when there are litter trays in every conceivable place, do my ferrets insist on going to the toilet at the front door?

A.   Because it's there.

Q.   My ferret nips me when I least expect it, goes to the toilet in all the wrong places, stashes her meat where I can't find it until it smells revolting, sleeps when I want to play and wants to play when I'm really busy. Why does she do this and why do I love her so much?

A.   Because she's a ferret and because she's a ferret.

Q.   My ferret never bites me, but whenever visitors come, they go home bleeding. Why does he act this way?

A.   Because he can.

Need I go on?

Dooks from Rucus.