About WAFFS : about us

The Western Australian Ferret & Ferreting Society is the oldest and largest ferret welfare organisation in Australia. Founded in 1981, our club has members in all states of Australia as well as overseas. Our main reason for being is to provide education and assistance to our members and the general public on the health and welfare of ferrets and we try to keep abreast of current issues so we can continue to do this job in an efficient and acceptable manner. A wide range of services is available to our members, including:  

Ferret Necessities Shop:  
WAFFS "shop" began in 1992, serving our members with a limited range of ferret products at very low prices. At the beginning of 1996 it was decided we needed a name representative of the growing range of products we were able to offer to our members and "Ferret Necessities was born.  

Through the members' dedication and support of both their Society and their shop, Ferret Necessities has grown to become an asset all members are proud of and stocks everything from the basics, such as food, bowls, litter, grooming aids, hammocks, bedding, harnesses and toys, to more unusual and exotic items of jewellery, clothing and toy ferrets for the members themselves.

The range of stock carried by Ferret Necessities is constantly being improved and you will always find something new with which to spoil your ferrets or yourself.  

General meetings are now held at events at Jackadder Lake. Visitors and ferrets are always welcome at these meetings. Topics of meetings are usually related to ferrets or ferreting. The meetings are very social events,ferrets are most welcome to accompany you and there is ample opportunity to exchange ideas with other members.

For details about upcoming meetings / events, please see the "Upcoming Events" page, under Forums.  

The newsletter of our Society is sent to members every two months and contains news and stories from our members, details of coming events and information about ferret health and husbandry.  

Health Services:  
Through our Society we can organise services such as sterilisation, immunisation and boarding of your pets when needed. Members of the committee can give advice on health issues and are able to refer you to a "ferret friendly vet" in your area.  

Ferret Rescue Service:  
Our Society responds to calls from members of the public, RSPCA and other welfare organisations to collect found ferrets and keep them safely until claimed or re-homed. Anyone losing a ferret should ring our Ferret Rescue Co-ordinator on 1300 133 323 and you will receive advice on what procedures to follow. Ferrets which are not claimed after being advertised in the local newspapers for two weeks, are found homes within the Ferret Society.  

Our Society has a library from which members are able to borrow items at meetings. We continue to purchase the latest books and tapes about ferrets and ferret related subjects. Past newsletters are also available for viewing as well as newsletters from interstate ferret clubs.  

Ferret Races:  
Ferret Races are held in June/July each year. Ferrets are raced down PVC pipes, with the first to emerge from the other end being the winner. Various categories apply. Ferrets love running through small tunnels and seem to have as much fun as their owners!  

Ferret Show:  
All ferret owners know that they have the best ferret in the world, so our ferret shows, held in August each year, are more for fun than anything else. With categories such as BMI, prettiest face various, Whiskers, Coats, Overall Ferret of the Day in several age categories, fancy dress, etc.,there are many certificates and prizes to be won but everyone has a really good time.  

Field Days:  
Field days of either a weekend or a week may be held at various locations in the country at times during the cooler months. Whilst these are also very social occasions, the aim of these events is to help people who have not been ferreting before, to learn the correct techniques and to give the experienced ferreter a chance to practise and share their hunting skills.  

Each year, WAFFS produces a quality calendar featuring gorgeous portraits of Western Australian ferrets. All proceeds from the calendar go directly to the club's Medicaid account to assist with Vet bills incurred by rescued ferrets.  

If you require any further details about our Society, please phone WAFFS on 1300 133 323 or any member of the committee listed within this site.  

To join the Ferret Society, you can either request a form to be mailed out to you or you can download the form from the Resources section and post it to the address shown thereon.  

We are an incorporated association.